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Crypto Hosting Request

Coin hosting on the Hashpower Foundation platform is the ideal way to increase the number of users of your coin.
Coin Hosting on the Hashpower Foundation Platform Includes:
  • Initial Setup, Hosting, Maintenance & Updates
  • Marketing Package:
  • Listing on our Supported Coins page
  • Blog post about your coin
  • Tweet to our followers
  1. Fork or using same RPC interface of a coin we currently support (see supported coins here)
  2. Listed on an exchange with APIs (we need to pull rates from somewhere.) This must be a 3rd party public exchange, not one run by the coin developer(s) or solely an on-chain DEX.
  3. Provide ongoing advanced notifications about any future updates/forks/swaps/airdrops
  4. Pay an integration fee of $ 5,000.00 for the first year. We require the minimum average commercial payments volume of your coin to be above $ 5,000/month. If you do not meet this monthly minimum volume requirement, then we will charge an additional payment of $ 5,000.00 for each additional year of hosting your coin.
  5. If you are an ERC20 token we will require a separate account funded with 5 ETH to cover gas fees to forward payments
  1. Submit Application
  2. Pay $25.00 Non-Refundable Application Fee: Covers cost of an initial review of above REQUIREMENTS and ensures requests come directly from coin's core team.
** Please note the application fee does not guarantee your coin will be added to our platform. You must meet the above REQUIREMENTS first.
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